Part 2 – Kissing in the Deli Department

Part 2

On that same day as the penis incident, we went to our local grocery store for something. I can’t remember what it was now (milk and bread, maybe). When we got there I noticed a young couple get out of their car. They were holding hands as they went inside the grocery store. I remember that I thought it was sweet to see a young couple so innocently holding hands. It reminded me of being in love with my own high school sweetheart.

As we made our way to the produce section of the store, I saw the young couple again. This time they were at the deli counter. Not much to my surprise the couple was two young girls, still holding hands. Okay so no big deal, not a big surprise because this is the 2000’s. Everyone and their sister have come out of the closet confessing to being gay. Who isn’t? Am I right? I would have been totally fine had they not started making out with each other right at the deli counter: tongue quid pro quo.

Am I gay bashing? Call it what you will. If it had been a girl and a boy, my opinion would still be the same. There is a place for everything and the deli counter at the grocery store is not the place for touching tongues or swapping spit. Please have some respect for yourselves as well as others and do us all a favor and get a room.


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