Part 3 – Ground Meat

Part 3

Recently we went back to our local grocery store to make a purchase of a sale item we found in our weekly flyer.  The lean ground beef sale item that we wanted to purchase was no where to be found.  We called upon the butcher and he directed us to the ground beef that was on sale.  I pointed out that it was not lean, it was 73%.  He responded, “That’s what is on sale.”  I argued that this wasn’t what was advertised.  He went to get his supervisor, who concurred with the butcher that was the meat that was on sale.  It was 73/27%, not lean.  I wasn’t buying it and I protested.  The supervisor then told me he would have to get the store manager. 


The store manager was kind and agreed that the meat that was marked as the sale item was not lean ground beef.  He agreed to sell me however much I wanted (ten pounds) at the sale price as long as I would only buy half then and take a rain check for the other half.  Reason being was the store does not package their own lean ground beef (according to the manager), that they purchased it all pre-packaged.  He didn’t want me to buy all of the pre-package lean ground beef because he wanted to keep some on hand.  The sale price was $1.79/lb and the regular price was $4.99/lb.  It was a very good deal.  No problem.  I could do that. 


The rain check was only valid for two weeks from that date.  We went back to purchase the last five pounds the next week.  To our surprise the meat counter had a big sign with the words “WOW” and Fresh Lean Ground Beef on sale for $2.99/lb!  All packaged differently than it was packaged the previous week. 


The meat that they were selling as lean ground beef for $2.99/lb was 80% lean, at best.  I have purchased enough ground beef in my life to be able to tell the difference.  Of course I couldn’t prove it, and I could have just used my rain check and purchase the 80% beef.  At this point it was the statement I wanted to make.  I don’t know who I was trying to make it to.  Quite frankly the whole idea of a supermarket being dishonest to so many people really infuriated me and I wanted justice to be done.  I wanted the lean ground beef for $1.79/lb.


I decided to wait one more week to get the pre-packaged lean ground beef normally $4.99/lb for $1.79/lb, the same as I had purchased the previous week.  I waited for my advertisement flyer to come in the mail.  It didn’t come.  I had paranoid thoughts that they removed me from the mailing list—that I had been blackballed.  Not that having a printed flyer would stop me.  I went on line and looked up the sale items. 


I’ve noticed that grocery stores have away of getting around everything these days.  If the flyer says three pounds, and they don’t have three pounds, you can’t purchase two pounds for the three pound price.  The flyer did not have lean ground beef, it had lean ground round.  Ground beef, ground round, ground chuck, ground sirloin are all names that are used in place of plain old hamburger.  Why do they do that?  Why not just have plain old hamburger instead of trying to make you think you are getting something more for the money you spend.  Grocery prices are ridiculous.  I never did get the additional five pounds of lean ground beef that I was given a rain check for.


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