Part 5 – Conclusion

Part 5 – Conclusion

The incidents I’ve written about this week have become part of our every day life.  These things are normal in the society we live in.  Do we choose to accept it as normal, become complacent and live in the world for what it is?  I remember a time in my life that I would have handled each of these incidents in a much different way than I did.

  • The boy in the parking lot who chose to take his penis out in a public area to pee should have been confronted.  My husband would have confronted him, but we discussed it briefly and after weighing the pros and cons, decided it would be better to not engage the situation.  He could have had a gun in the SUV, we didn’t know if he was psycho or just plain disrespectful.  These are things to think about before any type of response to a situation is made.
  • The kissing girls were not worth the effort it would have taken to confront them.  People that don’t have enough respect for themselves are not going to respect anyone criticizing them, constructively or not.  Unfortunately there are too many of these types of people in the world and you just have to decide how you want to deal with their ignorance.
  • The deceitful meat is one issue I am having a hard time accepting.  Trickery by supermarkets to consumers has probably been going on for a long time.  It seems like we are now being made more aware of it.  It will get worse based on supply and demand.  The container size shrinks while the price stays the same or goes up.  Some super centers are changing packaging to increase sales.  My thought on this is to cover up the poorly made product to make the consumer think they are buying a new improved product.  Be aware of what you are purchasing.  Do not be deceived.
  • The self-check-out is the luck of the draw.  Do not put your faith in technology and computers.  They were created by humans and humans are not flawless.   

I believe in absolutes.  I believe there is a right way and there is a wrong way.  I believe people have been lead astray for so long that they don’t know the difference between what is right and what they think is right.  I believe too many people have grown weary and tired of fighting the good fight.  They lay down and are complacent to let things be the way they are instead of standing up for what is right.  There are absolute truths and absolute rights just like there are absolute lies and absolute wrongs.  If we don’t take a stand for them, what good are they?

The society and the world are ever changing.  Rules change, regulations change, people change, for the good as well as for the bad.  One thing that never changes is God.  He is the same today as He was yesterday and He will be the same tomorrow. Take a stand and do what is right.  Everyone has the knowledge.  Don’t ignore it when it speaks. 

Repent!  For the kingdom of heaven is at hand!  Matthew 3:2.  We need to change our attitude and our outlook on the way we look at things.  Reversing our thinking is life changing.  Instead of reacting to bad circumstances, we need to take a minute, look at the situation and respond in a way that is helpful, not only to us, but perhaps to the other party.  Just remember, the ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance.


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