My friends Rachel Crocker and Berta Buck made this wall hanging for me for Christmas.  I was so surprised when I found it in my mailbox.  I had no idea they were doing this.  It was so perfect and so well thought out.  (If you follow Crackerberries you will know I am very much into canning and preserving).  Everytime I look at the wall hanging of jars filled with so many different things, I think of friendships and how they resemble a mason jar.  This is what I’ve come up with.



 Much like a cupboard of full Mason jars

Or the midnight sky of twinkling stars

A friend may be compassionate and sweet

Whilst some encourage in times of defeat


Sharing a story to brighten a frown

Lending a shoulder to the friend who’s down

Great treasure is found when least expected

Friends will stand tall when one is rejected


Countless secrets, much laughter digested

Friendships depend on the time invested

Shower friendships with love and affection

Grow toward the light in the right direction


Relationships built on candor and trust

Will stand the test of time and never rust

Friendships will age, as does the garden crop

Work will be done, with many a teardrop


Like an old Mason jar filled with treasure

Finding true friendship is such a pleasure


Crackerberries © 2013


Friendships Are Like a Mason Jar

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