The End of a Novel

My plan for today was to write the last chapter of the novel and then work on the grueling process of editing. Editing is such a drag. Writing a book for me is the same as reading a good book. When I’m almost to the end, I procrastinate. I know it will be over and then I need to start a new one. I know a lot of people look forward to that. I guess I’m weird. Usually like a good book, I don’t think that I can find one that will top it. Like a good novel, I wonder how can I top this idea and make a better one.

I gave up on editing for a few minutes. I thought I’d share my thoughts. I don’t want my novel to end and I know it is almost there. I have to kill one of my characters and I love him. I don’t want him to die, but it is a necessary evil. Sometimes good characters have to die.  I’ve heard from readers that they prefer I take a pet before a person. Usually I prefer to keep the pet alive and kill the person.  People are funny that way.

Writing is so lonely. I’ve poured four cups of coffee this morning, (I have to pee) looked over the previous nights’ notes and tried to edit. I take out paragraphs, change words, add punctuation here and there.  I love my Thesaurus. Most people tell me to get rid of it. These are people who don’t write. People to me are funny.

Have you ever noticed how everyone has an opinion about how you should or should not write about things? I love that about people.  They are full of great ideas to give you to write, but they have never written anything themselves. Why don’t they just write it themselves if it’s such a good idea? I know why.

Writing is not easy. Wait a minute… good writing is not easy.  Anyone can write, but not anyone can write well.  If that were the case wouldn’t all of us bloggers be rich and famous? Ha ha ha ha. Sometimes I make myself laugh right out loud!

Anyways, I need to get back to my task at hand.  I have to go kill Sergeant John Hunter.  I am not sure how yet.  I hate to see him go.  I love him… he’s such a good guy.  Just wanted to take a break and procrastinate a little bit while sharing what I was thinking.



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