PMS Friend or Foe?

Her name is Judy, she visits persistently.
Every twenty-eight days, steadfast, consistently.

Men forever try to comprehend,
why we’re sad or off the deep end.

Cramps and moodiness bad attitude,
soy beans and chick peas help fortitude.

Swollen ankles, irritability, plagued with a headache,
conversing with us? Bring chocolate cake.

Jeans are too tight, belly is bloated,
pass the Midol; the ones that are coated.

Zits pop out all over our face,
get Proactive! What a rat race!

Greasy hair, oily skin, zipper won’t zip; (frigging thing)
hot flashes; leave us alone, before we flip!

Coffee and chocolate can’t get enough;
they say we’re weak when we’re the most tough.

Judy’s been called ‘Aunt Flo’ at times –
whatever floats your boat, whatever rhymes;

quite frankly, Judy is who I choose,
the alternative, I’m afraid I’d turn to booze.



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