When I Want Your Opinion, I’ll Give it to You!


Ever wondered why people blog?  I believe it is because they have an opinion and want to invoke that opinion on others.  Am I right?  I guess that’s why I do, as well as the fact that I love to write whatever comes into my head at any given moment.

Want to get someone’s attention?  Give them your opinion.  Write about religion, politics, abortion, gay rights, gun control, hate crimes, immigration, capital punishment, prayer in school, anything that is debatable, this list goes on and on.  Write about anything controversial.  People love to argue and everyone has a different opinion about any given topic. 

The General Manager on our local new station gives commentary every week about an issue that is going on in our state.  At the end of her observations, she always ends with “That’s my opinion” and based on the subject matter, sometimes she will include, “What’s yours?”  I always found that kind of interesting.  I’ve not been able to analyze which ones she asks for an opinion on.  I guess some things she must be adamant about and not want to negotiate or hear anyone else’s opinion.

Even issues that are absolute will generate a response. For example, I say there is heaven and there is hell.  The only way to get to heaven is through the grace and acceptance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  There is a heaven and a hell, and in the end, when it’s all said and done, you, me, everyone is going to one place or the other. There will be people who will debate that.  It’s absolute whether they believe or not.

People look for and respond to bad things instead of embracing good things.  Look at the local news.  I can’t even watch it anymore.  Do you ever see any good things being reported?  Sometimes during the last few minutes they might show a report of something that’s noble or funny or upbeat.  But the whole 28 minutes prior (with the exception of the weather and sports) you can hear all about what is wrong in the world and who the media is defaming because someone well-known had a human moment.

I suppose that is what gets some people going in the morning.  They crawl out of bed and look for any kind of conflict …someone used all the hot water, an over cooked egg, favorite shirt isn’t clean, cat puke on the floor, anything out of the ordinary.  The driver ahead going five miles under the speed limit, the cashier at the drive through window didn’t put the coffee cup cover on tight, a co-worker parked in “your” spot.  Most people will look at any one of these incidents negatively instead of trying to find the positive.

It takes a long time to break that habit of being negative.  Changing pessimism to optimism is not a task to be taken lightly.  It is so much easier to entertain people who want to debate, then to walk away. But sometimes it is best to just walk away.  The flesh is very strong.   We are human and human nature is inherently evil.  (I’m sure there will be much disagreement with that statement). 

Social media networks allow all kinds of negative as well as positive posts.  We take time to respond or comment to the ones that hit home with us or affect us in some way, shape, or form.  Take the things that you read with a grain of salt.  Respond to the posts that stir something inside you.  Conflict is not always a bad thing.  If there is something that you disagree with or oppose to and you want to respond, do it without patronizing the writer.  Remember all things are permitted, but not all things are beneficial, all things are tolerable, but not all things enlighten.  Everyone has an opinion and it doesn’t make them right or wrong.

That’s my opinion, what’s yours? 

Please take a moment to tell me what you think.

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