Cuss Words


Fantastically Fabulously Funny Friday 

When we speak we are to be kind and respectful.  Sometimes that’s not always easy.  Do you suppose swearing is regional?   When I moved south, I noticed cuss words are not used as often as they are in New England.  It was a long, grueling process to change my habit of using cuss words in normal conversation. 

I started by changing the cuss to a non-cuss.  One of my favorite sayings was, “Son-of-a-Batman!”  I know that probably sounds silly but it helped to train me.   If you change the cuss to a non-swear word, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to train yourself to not use them at all.  Maybe it has to do with how silly it sounds, but cussing is just not attractive.

What if every Friday people used the word “BLOG” in any form, whenever they were going to use a curse word?  Wouldn’t that be hilarious?  I can hear it now.  Instead of the F-Bomb, it’d be the B-Bomb.

Oh blog!

Go blog yourself.

Blog it!

That blog-sucking-mother-blogger, he stole my blogging car!

She’s just a blogging stuck up self-centered blog!

If I get my hands on that son-of-blog, I’ll wring his blogging neck!

You are such a blog-hole!

And the beat goes on …

because then you will have all kinds of fun incidents to blog about

Happy Blogging Friday


4 thoughts on “Cuss Words

  1. Swearing can become habitual. When we are lazy, uninspired, unimaginative and have no time for creativity we utilize foul language. What a great exercise to challenge ourselves to come up with an appropriate word for each blogging occasion rather than merely being lazy and swearing… and yet there are still times when the most appropriate word is BLOG!


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