Do You Have Mail?


Dear Email Recipient:

You have received this email in an attempt to collect a response. The sender of this email has made the effort to contact you for whatever reason. Please review previous message(s).

You have put this email on the back burner and decided to respond to it at your convenience, which is not convenient to the sender — otherwise you wouldn’t be receiving this email. Perhaps you have made the decision to not respond at all. Shame on you!

Incase you were wondering, approximately twenty years ago, email was a tool set up to be used as a way to communicate in offices internally.  It was easier to send files electronically rather than taking the flight of stairs to the eighth or thirteenth floor.  It later became a more efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with people all over the world instead of telephone or the old fashion letter.  Email was made as a way to benefit and profit humanity.  Unfortunately with all things that are made to promote lives, too many people abuse the system and don’t use it in the way that it was intended.

If you believe you have received this email in error, please, double-check your in-box. There may be an email waiting for a response. Don’t delay. Take care of it today.


Concerned Email Sender

P.S. If you are busy and don’t have time to read your email on a daily basis, perhaps you need to re-evaluate where you spend your time (playing games on Facebook or tweeting the latest sports scores).


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