On The Cross


Two days before Easter, and “Oh, what a sight!”
Plans and vacations and a last-minute flight

Shopping carts filled with jelly beans and toys,
Preparation for their children’s Sunday morning joys

The children are waiting for the famous Easter Bunny
One more holiday for businesses to make lots of money

Children will search in the morning for candy,
Then dress for church in their finest and dandy

At times, in a church, they talk, “C and E” crowd
They make jokes about them, and laugh really loud.

Talking of people who don’t always attend
What kind of message do they think this will send?

They should be ashamed of talking like they do
It’s poor use of time and brings no good value

God created rules to judge each and every one by,
And He will make good on His promise, when we all die.

Have you ever told a lie, or stolen a pen?
Those are just two commandments out of the ten.

You think God is all loving and willing to forgive,
There’s something you must do in order to live.

Admit you’re a sinner and turn away from your pride,
Give your heart to Jesus, ‘cause for you, He died

Don’t let the pull of the world try to guide you wrong,
Jesus is coming back for us, it won’t be too long.

This weekend when you celebrate Easter at church
Look into the faces of people and search

There is a reason that they don’t attend all the time
It’s not that they’re bad or have committed a crime.

Don’t take it upon yourself to judge
They might come more often, with just a little nudge

For our sins, on the Cross, Jesus did die
What other reason should we edify?

He rose from the dead and defeated death,
All for us to live and have eternal breath



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