For Jody



Garden Aspiration
{Mislaid out-of-the-way}
Leather gloves tossed aside
Hard day’s work incomplete
Moistened with the nights dew
Soon to dry from sun’s heat
Garden grows to the beat
Tossing rocks, pulling weeds
Enhancing herbs to grow
Maintaining garden’s needs
Bask amongst the beauty
Trowel, spade, rake and hoes
Beneath a sky of blue
The garden of straight rows
Leather gloves tossed aside
Forecasting chores at hand
The work is never done
Beautifying the land
Showed up at my front door
We caught up on chitchat
Visit was warm and sweet
All was good, no brickbat
My mind roamed like a cat
Catching up on lost time
Visits few; far between
Not unreal, not a crime
It seems to be a chore
For a friendship to last
As ice cream is a treat
Melting into the past
It comes back in stridor
True friendship is concrete
Mislaid out-of-the-way
The odds we may defeat.


It was good to see you yesterday, my friend.


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