The Cranberry Bog



Cranberries grow in wet soggy bogs
A hangout spot for mosquitoes and frogs

Prickly bushes profuse, but beware of the snakes
Just some of the habitation in cranberry lakes

Commercials portray the picking as sweet
Let truth be told, don’t fall for their deceit

This I’m not sure about cranberry bogs
I think it might be, a fun place for hogs

Decayed vegetation lurks way down below
Much care is needed lest the bog over-grow

Picking the berries is very hard work
Circumspect each one then pull with a jerk

Wash fresh berries and fill a large bowl
Giggles from young ones will soon unfold

Small pudgy fingers and big smiles all stained in red
From a bog came the cranberries they were just fed

Mix up the juice with a little Vodka
Turn on the music and dance a polka

I made this all up don’t know of it to be true
Was anyone fooled? You believed it didn’t you?


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