Blue Hearts

blue hearts

Blue Hearts

Roses are pink, violets are purple
Anyone knows lve  that is not true
Is just a heart full of lve-blue .

Lve at first sight ~ after the first kiss,
If you lve me, you’ll do this…NOT!

Lve is not pressure,
lve doesn’t make you do
what you don’t want to do

Lve doesn’t boast,
lve doesn’t make itself
into something it’s not
and say things that aren’t true.

Lve is not jealous,
lve doesn’t get angry
and is not over-sensitive,
but instead concerns itself with
others feelings before its own.

Lve never gives up,
lve endures all things
and accepts hardships or rejections
and never loses faith in all the possibilities
of what people might become.

True lve puts up with the people
who would be easier to give up on.


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