Bird Nest Watching

May 24, 2013

We noticed two nests on a railing under our porch. We have been watching a House Finch and her mate with the nests.

It started out with one egg and each day since then, another egg has been added. Today there are five eggs in the nest and the mom spends most of her day in the nest only leaving if the door is opened. We are trying to use the back door so not to disturb her.

These are jelly jars that we had lined up on a post, just for looks.  Birds decided it would be a nice place for a nest.


 If you look closely you can see the mom sitting in the nest.


My hand was a little shaky trying to get a picture of the eggs, where it was a guess of whether I got the eggs or not.  I’ll try to do better next time.


According to bird nest watching protocol one should only view the nest every 3-4 days, but where it is on our porch, it’s easy to keep an eye on it. We have not touched the nest or the area where mom made her nest.

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