Furry Eye Balls

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June 18, 2013

The babies are growing much faster than I can keep up with updating. This is the first time I’ve followed a bird life cycle so each day amazes me with a new miracle. Watching the mom and the dad cater to the ugly little things is just wonderful. I know some people will think my use of ugly is not nice, but I’m sorry, in my opinion, they are not pretty such as cute little puppies or kittens.


The mom and dad haven’t been spending a lot of time at the nest these days, however by the looks of the bird poop they do a lot of feedings.  Like all babies, little birdies need their sleep and do a lot of it. At least now they don’t look so skeletal and they are growing downy feathers, that make them sort of soft and fuzzy looking. That is if you can get past the big beak and beady eyes.

I’m not sure when they will learn to fly. Don’t they only get one chance? Fly or die, right? I’m not sure if I’m ready to watch that. Being human I forget this is wild life and I’m liable to try to help.  We, being human, always want to help when sometimes we need to stand back and let nature take it’s course.


The mom and the dad know exactly what the babies need to survive in this world. They do not need my help at all. God is so amazing that He gives each of us what we need to go through in order to survive, not necessarily in this world, but in eternity. We, being human, always want to try to fix the pain, and the hurt, and the bad that others are going through.  Sometimes hard trials are necessary in order for a person to realize it’s not all about us, it’s about God.  Sometimes we have to stand down and let God do His work.  Just look at these little baby birdies… His work is truly amazing.

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One thought on “Furry Eye Balls

  1. this reminds me of when our little ones found a robin’s egg that had fallen out of the nest and they wanted to save it so they made a new nest and put a hot lamp over it to hatch it however they just managed to unfortunately ‘cook’ it.


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