They Flew The Coop

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June 20, 2013DCIM100MEDIA


The babies are growing bigger and pooping every where.  They are constantly popping their heads over the top of the nest.  The mom visits on occasion, but we see the dad encouraging more often than the mom. 


This afternoon the dad has been spending a lot of time singing to them, calling them, praising them, letting them know that summer is here and it’s time.  Flap your wings little girls and boys.

They peep out over the top and look, and we see them trying to flap their wings.  The mom comes and checks in on them, perhaps letting them know the time is now and they need to fly.



 June 21, 2013  

When we check the nest the next morning it is empty, and the babies are all gone.  None are found on the porch floor so we can only assume that they were ready and able to fly well.  For us this was an interesting experience.  One that we have never seen before.  It was amazing watching the cycle from May 24th to June 21. 

Be sure to follow the next story about a stray kitten.

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