Fairy Tale… NOT!



Remember the fairy tales
your mother used to read to you?
The ones that started with once upon a time far, far away?
I hate to burst your bubble,
and let you down, or cause you trouble
but here’s what I’m gonna share with you today.

Prince Charming is really not a prince.
He’s a frog that acts like a horny dog.
That college education that you had to have,
put you so far in debt because you never paid it
before you and hubby decided to calve.
The dream job turned into a nightmare
because you have to work overtime to prove you really care

A white picket fence with the ranch house will turn
Into a double-wide in a trailer park and you learn,
the 3.2 kids and a dog and a cat and a fishbowl
isn’t that perfect and you feel like you live in a wormhole.

The friends you think you have on FaceBook
are really just busybodies that want to look
at you and find out what you have on loan
while sticking their noses in everyone
else’s business but their own.

You’re husband says he’s working
late again tonight and you just don’t
have the patience or the desire this time to fight.

The kids are driving you batty and
your mother called to mention how well
your brother is doing at his new position and
it just goes to remind you why you
have that drinking addiction that won’t go away.

That perfect ten bod that used to stare back at you in the mirror
Has gone somewhere because now all you see is an eyesore

I’m tired of listening to the accolades of the young
What they’re going to do and what they’ve done
Some are so far gone without an ounce of respect,
my boot in their ass, I’d like to inject.
This is because someone has made them think
they are really good at something when they stink.
Don’t lie to the young, don’t give them a gun,
Don’t tell them it’s all fun, about what they’ve done,
If you give them false hope, they may turn to dope,
Give them discipline lest they be your chagrin.




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