Time to Remember

9-1-1 something we should never forget. When people ask if you remember what you were doing when it happened, the chances are good that you do.  It’s good to remember what happened on that tragic day but it is also well to remember life during better times.


I remember when life was not so hectic

Scrapped knees were bandaged with antiseptic

White picket fences and fresh-cut grass

My mind reminisces of things in the past

The feel of the air after a summer rainstorm

A kiss from a boy after junior prom

The smell of puppies’ breath and a red pick-up truck

A walk down memory lane and my mind gets stuck

Canada mints and warm fuzzy socks

A walk on the beach finding treasure in rocks

Drive in movies and high school football games

Weekends spent milking cows with Uncle James

Laying in a meadow of clover was fine

My memory goes back, time after time

Rainbows and peepers on a hot summer night

Tractor trailer trucks and puffy clouds of white

A starfish, a hummingbird, hot apple pie

These are some things that make me sigh

Flip flops and fireflies the whippoorwill song

Memories of the past now long gone

Geese flying over a sunrise in the spring

The scent of a campfire, a rope-tire swing

Finding a handwritten letter in the mailbox

Watching in a field, puppies and mama fox

Camping next to a wood stove with a good book

Just one of the things for granted I took

Marshmallows in hot chocolate, eye-kisses under a weeping willow tree

When I remember when, these are the things that come to me.




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