From the Heart

Writing from the Heart


Let me tell you what I find interesting.  People who want to write, or I what I mean to say is people who “say” they want to write, don’t really write.  They write term papers, book reviews, and they write about topics that they think people want to read.  They write letters to the editor of newspapers or magazines, and mucky-muck their way through the topic at hand.  They write in a politically correct format, so as to not bring any attention to themselves should the topic become controversial.

Is that really writing?  I mean, I could say I wanted to be a muscle car enthusiast, and put my time and effort into the Ford Mustang.  Why?  Because the Ford Mustang is cheaper, and easier to come by than real muscle cars.

When I write, I let the pen scribble wildly in my journal, or let my fingers dance across the keyboard.  Sometimes my brain thinks way faster than I can write or type, and when I go back to review, I find I’ve lost words or stopped mid-sentence in thoughts that drop off where another one picks up.  That’s writing from the heart.  When it comes so fast that the next article or idea is begging to get down on paper.

I wonder if there is a writing from the heart course people could take.  I doubt it.  Oh sure, take a creative writing course that will teach you how to be creative.  Where to get creative ideas from.  How to create a character, etc.  What else do you think it will teach?  It will not teach you how to write from the heart.  That would be like watching Barrett Jackson on television, and telling people you collect muscle cars.

I read something the other day that really moved me.  I can’t exactly remember what it was, because I read so many different articles and pieces on a daily basis, and the truth is, lots of things move me.  That is the kind of writing that comes from the heart.  People write what they like.  They tell themselves a story first.  After that, they saturate it with a real life situation, and add a sprinkle or two of fabrication, then pass the story along to someone else for their enjoyment.

Certainly there are opportunities out there where you can get paid to write something in a format that may not be your way of writing.  That’s up to you to decide.  I recently had a manuscript rejected by a publisher, and I honestly believe it had to do with something they may have read on one of my blogs.  Do you suppose that happens?  I bet it happens all the time.  Does it bother me?   A little bit.  But after growing thick skin, it all comes down to this question:  Am I going to be who I am, and write from the heart, or am I going to change my views to write so it doesn’t offend anyone?

What would you do?



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