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Went Fishing


Update to Promotional Criticism

I really don’t know what to say about the hoop-la other than ‘wow’. The bait worked well. This subject really struck a nerve with too many people in the café. Last time I checked there were still more comments being added to the stream. The forum sort of reminded me of another forum I used to be involved with. It’s a place where you stroke the forum leader’s ego, and as long as you do that, all is well. Cross that person and you are voted off the island. I’ve been in too many places like that. I don’t stroke egos, and I don’t expect mine to be stroked either. I write what I write the way I write it. Like it, love it, hate it, or don’t read it.

I don’t mean to sound like I can’t take criticism and maybe I come across that way. But the original question I posed was if the description was not clear.  She decided to take it and turn it into something more than it was. It was her who first offered her opinion about the images. I do appreciate all of the insight and wisdom that others shared regarding my book description and the image that the forum leader picked to have a problem with, and shared on her forum. Not sure if the other members actually went to the FB Fan page to see for themselves, or just took for granted that their leader knew what she was talking about and trusted her.  You do know what happened with the Koresh followers, right?

I have worked very hard on this book for over two years.  My opinion is if I were to take others suggestions, and let them tell me how to do things differently, I give up. Then it’s not my work, it’s what someone told me to do.  I want to see how well the book does based on what I have done with it. Not because I made a change that someone I don’t even know suggested. I know what’s in the damn book, and I am not one to deceive people with things that are not there. Funny how one picture of provocative women caused such a stir in the writing forum.

I mentioned I was going to read The Bell Curve, and actually started it. It was on the bookshelf collecting dust, waiting to be read. After 20 pages I have decided it probably will go back to the bookshelf. It is a little intimidating and it bothers me that social class plays into how people are treated. It did help clarify my feeling of being an idiot savant in the writing forum.

Most people who dole out their list of credentials, letters after their names, achievements, awards, certificates, degrees, etc. annoy me. There is a certain condescending air to them. Does it mean they are more experienced in what they do, than someone without the list of accolades? Not really, it just means they are paying a lot more student loans back.

I believe if you are going to do something, do it well to the best of your ability, and keep doing it.  Perfect practice makes perfect. Listen to what people have to say. But that’s all. Trust your own judgment. You are the one who put your blood, sweat and tears into your project. Only you know if it’s good or if it needs work. What’s that old saying? We are our own worst critics.