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Guest Blog: Book Release: Dark Rainbow’s End – Rebecca L. Frencl

Dark Rainbows End RLFP


Looking for something to keep you busy this summer. Rebecca L. Frencl has a new book releasing today!

  • Five things you didn’t know about: Rebecca L. Frencl:
    1. I am an avid Disneyphile.
    2. My grandfather taught me how to shoot a bow when I was ten.
    3. I use proper grammar when I text.
    4. I own over 100 polyhedral dice.
    5. I’ve been in 8th grade for more than 17 years-you’d think I’d get it right by now!


Book Three of The Star Circle Trilogy

Dark Rainbows End RLFP

Book One of The Star Circle Trilogy

book 1

At the Dark’s gathering the Nine shall stand. Circle of Light, Hope of the land . . .

Robyn and Aerin have been down this road before as they hunt for the other seven Starbearers who will once more drive back the Darkness that wishes to unravel civilization and drive mankind back into howling barbarism.
Silar and his silver-eyes, the soulless minions of that Darkness, dog their steps, trying to hinder them and force them to doubt.
Death is easy. Silar wants the star bearers broken–unable to fulfill their duties and shatter the Circle, allowing the Darkness to win.
Robyn and Aerin think they’ve outsmarted the Darkness once before, but they discover that Silar’s plans have been much more complex and far-reaching than they’d ever believed.


Book Two of The Star Circle Trilogy

Book 2

When evil passes through the very shadows, is anywhere in the world safe?

Aerin and James hunt for answers and aid, searching not only to cure a shadow born plague, but healing for the heart and mind of the young Sylvie. Ghosts of the past haunt their nights and the stars slide ever closer to alignment.

Robyn and Demar’s hope hinges on the Mirror Maker’s looking glasses. They pray to see a hint of plan, a clear direction. A murderer drops bodies at their feet, staining their names, and suspicion dogs their steps. Evil twists the hearts of mankind and doubt plants its devious seeds.

While the ultimate Darkness prepares to take a hand in the coming battle, and a traitor walks among them, the final star bearers heed the call to stand at a point of The Star Circle and save the world.

About Rebecca


I write, I teach, I’m a union rabble rouser . . . I get work with kids on a daily basis which makes me feel simultaneously very young and extremely old. I grew up on choose your own adventure books, the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, and polyhedral dice. So, I write fantasy and paranormal romance. It’s an eclectic mix, but that’s what I love to read. I’m a very firm believer that there is no such thing as someone who doesn’t like to read. They just haven’t found the right book yet!

2012 Ribbons of Moonlight—Best Romance Novel, Solstice Publishing Contest

2014 Author of the Year—Solstice Publishing

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