Daily Archives: June 25, 2014

The Red Horned Green Monster


It was a beautiful sunny day and I was out in the garden pulling up weeds.  I saw this very interesting creature on one of my tomato vines.  It was a lime green large caterpillar of sorts, with a red horn at one end of it.  It was some what leathery looking with white strips and little black dots.  I had never seen anything quite like it.  I left it basking in the sun on my tomato vine thinking this would be cool to see it transform into a beautiful butterfly.  I went about my business of pulling weeds in the garden.

The next day I was out in the garden and I noticed my tomato plant.  It reminded me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  I quickly began to inspect it for bugs but all I could find was the beautiful leathery caterpillar.  After a little research on-line I found this little critter is very damaging to tomato plants.  So much for raising a beautiful butterfly; it went straight to the chicken pen.  After it oozed out this purplish inky goop from where the horn was, a couple of chickens fought over it, pulled it in half and munched it down.  I assume the ink stuff was some sort of defense mechanism and I was a little concerned for the chickens that ate it hoping they were not poisoned.  They wiped their beaks off in the dirt and went about their normal scratching and pecking business.

We are similar to that caterpillar in a sense because we have the capability to destroy everything that comes in our path. Wicked people plot deception in which the innocent are captured and victimized.  From what I gather, the caterpillar eats everything in its path until it cannot eat anymore and then it burrows into the soil and remains under ground through the winter going through a metamorphosis.  In the spring it emerges into a moth.  It transforms into something not as destructive as it once was.

God created every single creature for a purpose, though I haven’t figured out what for the cockroach/palmetto bug? I understand the tobacco hornworm which has a red horn; the tomato hornworm has a dark green/black one. Both consume tomato plants—and become large dramatic moths that are important pollinators of night-blooming flowers. But I don’t care about their good habits, because their big babies really can defoliate tomato plants almost overnight.

The red horned green monster destroyed several of my tomato plants throughout the summer.  There were more than one of these little creatures and every one I caught I fed to the chickens.  These caterpillars reminded me that once God gets a hold of our hearts the renewal of our mind is transformed into a new creation.   Okay, so the ones that I caught a hold of transformed into chicken feed, but you do get the idea, yes?

We may not like all of the creatures that He created and we may question for what purpose it was created.  We may even feel this way about people sometimes.  I know I do. As I reflect on the green leathery caterpillar with the red horn, I am reminded how I thought it was pretty at first.  But then I saw how destructive it became.  Once it turned into a not so pretty moth, it was not as destructive any more, in fact it became important to the night flowers.  We should remember that people can sometimes be the same way.  They may be really pretty on the outside but inside they are full of destruction. And just the opposite, really crude on the outside, but inside is a big pussy cat.  Everyone is born that way; it is inherited by nature.  But God made everyone for a purpose and once He gets a hold of a heart, the metamorphosis can begin.