Western Romance Author: Elle Marlow

Fridays are for Fabulous Fiction Writers.

 If you didn’t have a chance to check out the frosty beverage Elle Marlow shared on Crackerberries yesterday, be sure to hop on over. It’s a fun summer drink that you will definitely want to include in your summertime adult beverage menu. Find it here http://crackerberries.blogspot.com/2014/06/elle-licious-morgan.html

I was lucky enough to grab Elle for a few minutes so she could tell me about herself and her new book Josey’s Mountain.  Elle Marlow turns up the heat and the mystery in her new novel, “Josey’s Mountain”.  Be sure to get your copy and head to the beach for some added heat.

She’s a little shy when it comes to talking about herself and her incredibly steamy novels, but really she’s a lot of fun.

Marana, Az- Elle Marlow, a Marana resident, has taken the publishing world by storm. Since January 2014, she has published six titles with two different publishers. (This chick can write!)

Her second novella, “One Hundred Horses,” sold over a thousand copies in just over thirty days, becoming an Amazon Best-Selling historical fiction.  Her second novella, “The Shaman’s Song,” didn’t wait as long to land in the Best-Selling category for Westerns.

Now Elle has hit the “hat trick.”  Her latest release, a western romance with a bit of mystery,  “Josey’s Mountain,” was released on June 24th and debuted as a Best Seller in Native American Romance.

Josey’s Mountain is set in the rugged country of the Blue Range district of Arizona.  The setting is sensational for the plot of “Rancher Vs. Wolves.”  This is a fast-paced, steamy romance, but the mystery will keep you turning pages equally as fast.

Two years ago, Josey Starr lost her husband.  She’ll be damned if she loses her ranch too. The wolves are after her cattle, and someone is out for her land.  Josey knows she needs help but she doesn’t want it from Hawk Marlow.  She trusted him once- and vowed to never again. She’s better off alone-isn’t she?

Hawk thinks he’s just checking his investment.  But he’s invested more than he realizes.  The land he acquired by default, belongs to “the one that got away.” Hawk has something to prove-old flames never die; they just burn hotter on the Second Strike.

You can find Elle Marlow at www.ElleMarlow.Blogspot.com

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords E reader or print.

Hate to see you go, Elle, but I know you have a lot of horses and cowboys waiting for you at home.  Be sure to give my love to Hawk!  Thanks for stopping in and talking with me on Friday’s Fabulous Fiction!


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