Is it about Money?


Write when it’s dark
Write when it’s light
Write in the day
Or the middle of the night

Write when I’m sad
Write when I’m mad
Write to be happy
Or when I feel sappy

Write to be found
Often profound
Write when I’m witty
Share a little ditty

Write when I vent
Write to repent
Write to share a song
Or write to say, ‘so long’

When I’m in a fight
Or uptight
Write to befriend
Or maybe cheer up a friend

Write when I’m hot
Write when I’m not
Write when things are tough
And when I’ve had enough

Write on a bet
Write of a pet
Write to philosophize
Or apologize

Write all I will
All my guts spill
Write to be funny
But never for money

                                                        … Okay so things change.

Wait just a minute

There is no limit

If they want to pay me

Please don’t shame me

I’ll take the cash

I’m off in a dash

All things change

It’s not that strange

I write the book

Promote E-Nook

Wait for sales

Chew my nails

Write the next one

Oh boy this is fun!


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