Inits – KC Sprayberry

Please make welcome KC Sprayberry with her new release Inits!

Thudding footsteps, a smack on the back as I’m swallowing, and
then RAS straddles the chair across from me.
“Don’t gulp. Then I won’t have to keep you from choking.” He fills his plate with enough food to feed the back line of the Atlanta Falcons. “The jerk used all the hot water.” RAS glares at me. “You will so pay later.”
“Yeah, right.” I stuff more pancakes, strawberries, and sausages
into my mouth.
I always pay. When will he figure out that I’m not his favorite
tackle dummy?
ME: So please, KC, if you will, tell us what initiated this story?
KC Sprayberry: This is a story that was with me for a long time, a story begging to be told more and more each day. Many, many people have been bullied. Most of us survived and went on to have useful lives, but we will always remember those who pushed us around, physically and mentally.
ME: I get the feeling maybe you were bullied as a kid growing up in school?
KC Sprayberry: We stood up and walked away. The bruises weren’t always visible, but they were and are there. We remain quiet when harsh words are spoken … walk away when others begin conversations that make us feel uncomfortable. One and all, we dream of the day when bullying will stop.
ME: So I am guessing this is your way of perhaps helping someone new that is being bullied?
KC Sprayberry: Some of us are around to share our stories. Others could no longer handle what was said or done to them. How do you stop a bully? Words? Actions? Treat them as they do you? There is no perfect solution, yet we can never stop standing up against these people.
ME: This sounds like a great book for both parents and young adults dealing with the realities of bullying.  I’m looking forward to reading it.
KC Sprayberry: You can enter for a chance to win a copy here!
Enter here for a
chance to win a copy of Inits!
ME: WOW, that’s great, everybody loves FREE!
High school means a whole new world. Yet, for Alex Starkey, pimples, discovering one of his buds is a real girl now, and an older brother using him as his favorite tackle dummy are tiny problems. What gets Alex’s temper simmering are his inits. Surviving his freshman year without diving into deep trouble seems impossible.

KC Sprayberry started writing young, first as a diarist, and later through an
interest in English and creative writing. Her first experience with publication
came when she placed third in The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge contest while in the Air Force, but her dedication to writing came after she had her youngest child, now preparing to enter college.

Her family lives in Northwest Georgia where she spends her days creating stories about life in the south, and far beyond. More than a dozen of her short stories have appeared in several magazines. Five anthologies feature other short
stories. She has three books that are Amazon best sellers: Softly Say Goodbye,
Who Am I?, and Mama’s Advice. Her other novels available are: Take Chances,
Where U @, The Wrong One, Pony Dreams, Evil Eyes, and Starlight.

A few more fun things I found out about KC Sprayberry after I did a little bit of snooping.

*At one point in her life she had what’s known in western vernacular as a “fiddle foot” for many, many years. It’s quiet now, but you never know when it’ll itch again.

*She hate shoes, even when it’s freezing, but to avoid frozen toes she puts on a pair of slippers, which according to her youngest, even drives him to school wearing them.

*She lived in Germany for five years while in the Air Force, and could speak German, French, and Spanish with ease. So don’t think speaking in a different language around her is going to be confidential!

ME: Thanks for being with us today, KC. Will you please give us your links so we can find you and follow or read about other books you might be working on?

Facebook Twitter Blog Website Goodreads

Amazon Author Page Google + Pinterest Authorgraph


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