The Review Process

The Review Process


The best thing you can do for an author after you have read their book is a review. This not only helps potential buyers but it gives feedback to the author about what promising fans like or dislike about their writing.

You can write an easy quick review or take your time and be more meticulous. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do it. A review based on the star rating system might be something like this:

• Five stars would be for a novel that is simply an outstanding piece of work.

• Four stars would indicate that the piece is excellent but certain adjustments would make it better.

• Three stars is an average piece of work. It’s okay, take it or leave it — not bad, not great.

• Two stars would indicate the writing could be good, but there are a lot of loop holes in the story and some major adjustments need to be made.

• One star is a major revision — why bother even making the effort?

Now this is just my opinion to how the rating system could be used. Other people may have different ideas. You could even try including your rating system in your review. Feel free to copy and paste mine, if you like.

It is helpful to say what you liked about the story as well as what you disliked about the story. I am telling you this from experience. When I first started writing reviews I was not a published author so I didn’t realize how important they were.

The most important thing about writing your review is to be honest. That is the best gift you can give back to an author.

Now for starters go get yourself a copy something new you haven’t read, (Crackerberries Books) read it and practice your review technique on Amazon!




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