The F-U-N in Book Marketing


I’ve been limiting my time on social media lately because I’m trying to put more effort into writing instead of socializing. The infamous they say you have to socialize to create book sales. You need relationships to earn sales. That is how you market your book, or so “they” say.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. I buy books all the time from authors I sometimes have never even heard of, let alone have a relationship with.

My thought is this about relationships: I don’t want someone to read my books because they feel sorry for me. I want people to read my books because they are good. I don’t think creating a relationship is going to change whether the book is good or not. Plus with relationships, you get into the whole thing where people think they know who you are and then they start thinking they know who your fictional characters are in real life. It’s a whole big spiral snowball of crap.

So I’ve been doing some research on other ways to market my book…not just social media. Free too. I’m finding a lot of avenues. I’ll let you know how they pan out.





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