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Blackhorse LDP


Labor Day Weekend 2015 Satellite Dunyasha collides with asteroid FF-13. All of the New England states plus some of Canada are affected by an electro-magnetic pulse. NASA knows nothing about the satellite — or so they say, which happens to be Russian owned. Sergeant First Class Jon Hunter is on a mission but Captain Carlin is bound and determined to keep his part in the situation a secret.

Blackhorse 2015 is Crackerberries premiere novel. A military thriller with many controversial topics bedded inside. Read this book with a clear mind because there are many situations and several characters. Soldier training isn’t what it used to be. While reading this controversial story about conspiracy, racketeering, and treason going on within the United States Military, you won’t want to miss anything the government is covering up.

Here’s what people are saying about Blackhorse 2015:

… ideal for all readers to discover that all is not discernible in the government, like the military.


This is one of those books that doesn’t shy away from controversy. The characters are all well-drawn and bring you into their world and experiences. The author is exceedingly knowledgeable about the military and its application in this story is well-crafted.


This book will make your little hairs stand up on your arms.


The author does an amazing off beat way of revealing the plot one view-point at a time. As it unfolds you come to understand how the government can so easily manipulate us all.


A book that will stand on its own in a field with Clancy, Sanford and Patterson


…the suspense and political intrigue was such a draw that my filter bleeped out the language as I read. An appropriate story line for the current times and governmental cover ups that seem to be exploding in the news even faster than in the Bush-era.


In Blackhorse 2015, the author Crackerberries tackles this inner sanctum with the authority of someone who’s watched it all up close. She doesn’t give the reader any reassurance. Dark deeds are exacerbated by dark motives. And personal grudges are added into the stew of clandestine goings-on at a base on a Pacific island – the very existence of which is enough to make us worry.


When I read the synopsis of the story I was intrigued. This book certainly has its place in today’s history. If you think our government doesn’t have a lot of “things” going on that we will never know about your head is in the sand. This is Crackerberries story of one cover up that is highly possible today.


Every day, we hear of government cover ups that seem implausible and yet, they happen. The sub-plots add an element of humor which serve to highlight the darkness.


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