Letter Writing



The old-fashioned hand-written letter is definitely a “Throw-back Thursday” thing of the past. I found this in my grandmother’s old scrapbook. It is dated 1934, which makes this little piece of paper I was careful to scan a little over 80 years old. Based on the date, my grandmother would have been almost 20 when she wrote this letter to her sister-in-law. I am one of the few left who supports the USPS by writing the old fashion hand-written letter at least once a week.

I find this letter is bittersweet in more ways than one. My grandmother is gone, and has been gone for 27 years. I imagine things were a lot different when it came to relationships in 1934 than they are in 2014. Letters were probably few and far between. There were no emails, no text messages, no personal messages, no phone calls, no Skype, no Face-time, no snap-chat or any of the other social media formats that are available to people today.

Unfortunately, relationships are not valued as much as they were in 1934. People in today’s world take advantage of technology and just assume that their friends and family will always be there at the push of a button. It is no wonder why it is so difficult for people to have meaningful connections with each other. Respect is a thing of the past and people don’t value relationships like they used to. If there is a falling-out with one friend, they move on to the next person because with social media you can have 388 friends on Facebook, yet still not understand the value of one true friend.

With all of the communicating technology available today one would think that contact with family members or old friends would be a normal thing to do. This Throwback-Thursday do something out of the ordinary and contact that relative or old friend you had a falling out with. Don’t take that relationship for granted because one day you might wish you had made amends when you had a chance. I’m going to. There is no time like the present.


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