Thanksgiving Day 3 — Actions


A is for Actions

Day #3: Seven Days of Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving:  the act of giving thanks; a prayer of gratitude to God.

Many people are dealing with affliction this Thanksgiving. Never judge anyone because you don’t know what they are experiencing. Thanksgiving is hard for a lot of people for whatever reasons, many we can speculate on, but some we cannot imagine. Be a gentler person this year during the holidays. Practice plenty of kind acts to the people you know as well as the people you don’t know. Here are some you can try.

  1. Be considerate by just listening to the person who wants to grumble about their life, instead of telling them how they can make things better.
  2. Let the lady with a basket of twelve items step in front of you at the check-out line instead of making her wait for you to empty your full grocery cart.
  3. Open the door for someone.
  4. Say thank you more often than not.
  5. Smile at everyone.
  6. Write a thank you note to your mail carrier.
  7. Bring your co-worker a coffee.
  8. Apologize.
  9. Be spontaneous and do something out of the ordinary with your spouse.
  10. Leave a tip for the cashier at the fast food drive-thru.

Actions speak louder than words.  What kind of action can you be loud at?


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