I’m Saved


I get these chain PM’s and emails and text messages quite often. They usually start the same way. “You are being tested” or, “God is speaking to you,” etc.  After reading a short little prayer it says to forward the message to a given number of friends within a specified time frame. After forwarding the message, something wonderful will happen or God will answer a prayer within a certain number of hours or minutes.  I never partake in these chain notes simply because I did too many chain letters as a young adult. Nothing ever panned out the way the letter said it would. The way I figure it, God answers a prayer every morning when I wake up and take a breath and have the opportunity to do something worthwhile to bring glory to Him.

This idea came to me in my middle-of-the-night, non-sleeping hours.  A chain letter of people sharing when they were saved.

I don’t remember the actual date, but I know it was sometime in March of 2008. I was attending church with my husband for over a year, taking notes and learning God’s word. On this particular cold early spring morning, the pastor said a prayer at the end of the service.  While all of our heads were bowed, he made the offer to anyone in the sanctuary who had not given their hearts over to Jesus, to repeat the prayer with him. At that point, he said to look up so he could acknowledge that we said the prayer, and then he would pray for us during the week.

I repeated the words of the prayer. I looked up to the pastor.  He never made eye contact or nodded to me in acknowledgement like he did to the others who also said the prayer throughout the sanctuary. I had intended to tell him I said the prayer on the way out, but he was jaw-jacking with one of the ushers. By the time we got to our truck, I was almost in tears. My husband asked me what was wrong. I told him I said the prayer but the pastor wasn’t going to pray for me that week because he didn’t acknowledge me when I looked up. Tall Cool ☺ne comforted me by patting my knee and saying, “Don’t worry about the pastor. That’s not important. God knows your heart and Jesus will take care of everything.”

Do you know what? Seven years later, Jesus is still taking care of everything.  What’s your “I’m Saved” story?

This is my meager attempt at a chain letter. Please share your story in the comments and be sure to pass it on to your friends through your blog, Facebook status, etc. These are the kinds of stories that are meaningful and proof-positive that God really does answer prayers.


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