Puppy Breath

March 6

Instructions to live by from Puppy Breath

When enjoying the pleasures of life:

Sleep soundly
Live simply
Eat enthusiastically
Play vigorously
Love wholeheartedly

When something is not right:

Stand your ground
Grit your teeth
Bark fervently
Don’t back down
If that doesn’t work, pee on the floor

When you greet someone you like:

Run to welcome them
Smother them in sloppy kisses
Dance around and shake your whole body
Make silly sounds from your throat
Always be loyal

When there is opportunity:

Never pass up a chance to go for a ride with a friend
Always be willing to take the scenic route
Romp, jump and play, go for a walk every day
Dig until you find what you’re searching for
Learn new tricks, even if you’re an “old dog”

We all can learn something from our faithful friends… we should give them more credit than we do.


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