Read a Good Book?

book review
Read a good book lately? I did. Quiet Dell by Jayne Anne Phillips. I loved it. A factual story with a blend of fiction. Kept my attention on every page. I loved it so much that when I finished it, I was disappointed. You know that feeling you get after finishing a good book? It feels like your best friend moved away.

I wrote a review and rated it. A short review that doesn’t give away any of the details. In my own defense I will say I need to practice writing better reviews. But in all honesty I think if you want to know the details, read the book.

After that I went to read what other people had to say about the novel. I was extremely offended and sort of pissed off. Granted I only read ten reviews, but only one of the ten shared the same enthusiasm as me about the book. In fact a lot of the poor reviews were done by people who didn’t even take the time to finish reading the book. “Quit reading”. What the hell is that? I say if you are going to take the time to spew your negativity about something, at least have the common courtesy and decency to read the whole book. Otherwise I say, keep your opinion to yourself.


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