Bazooka Bubble Gum


bazooka gum

The Tooth Fairy came last night. I found a dime under my pillow. Hooray for me! A trip to the general store is on my agenda. But first I must go scrounging around underneath the couch cushions, and in between the chairs, oh, and let’s not forget the back seat floor of the car. Those places are always good for a few extra pennies.  Lucky me, I found a nickel, too. Yippy!

“Hey Mamma, I’m gonna go to the store okay?”

“Okay, but come right home after and watch out for cars.”                                                                                                                          

   bike I don’t know why she said to watch out for cars. There were hardly ever any cars on our road. I get on my bicycle,which is a regular bike with a metallic yellow banana seat and a sissy bar that rises high above my backside.  There are red, white, and blue tassels handing from the tips of the handle bars.  I pedal as fast as I can. There is one gigantic hill, and I have to stand up to make the pedals turn. But I make it all the way up the hill without having to get off my bike  and push. After that I fly down the hill with my legs spread out, and coast all the way into Maynard’s parking lot.

Maynard and his brother, Clayton run the little general store. It smells like cigarettes and fried hamburgers inside. A cow bell gongs loudly on the door when I walk inside. One of the brothers comes from the backroom. It is Maynard wearing a white apron with bloody meat and mustard stains smeared across the front.

“Looks like somebody broke into their piggy bank,” he says as he wipes his hands off on a towel.

“The toof fairy came last night.” I say while holding open my lip to expose the gaping hole in my gum.

“Well then, aren’t you the lucky one.” He pulls out a tray from behind the counter. “Let’s see what ‘choo got?”

I scatter the fist-full of change, mostly pennies across the counter. I point to the gum. “How many can I have?”

He moves the change around a little with his fingers and tells me twenty-one cents. (This was when penny candy was only a penny.)

“15 pieces of Bazooka Joe. That’s how many I need for the baseball pennant!”

“Okay, that leaves six cents. What else you gonna have?”

“Um three hot balls, two bulls-eyes and one Mary-Jane.”

Maynard scoops up the change and puts the candy selection in a small paper bag. He hands it to me and sends me on my way. Just before the cow bell gongs, he yells, “Be careful of those trucks out there.”

Him and my mother so concerned about traffic. There’s never any traffic. I get back on my bike and pedal home with the brown paper bag clutched in my fist while holding onto the handlebars. I park the bike, oh wait, no…I drop the bike outside the barn door and run inside. I dump the contents of the bag on the hay littered barn floor. The calves in the background are mooing. They think I have something for them. I don’t. I pluck the Mary Jane from the floor and run to the back of the barn where my father keeps his books and other notes about the calves. I leave it on the shelf next to his notebook and run back to my gum.

I open the pieces and smooth out the comics on one side of me, and throw the trash on the other. I pop the gum in my mouth and begin the process of chewing. The gum is hard and my jaw aches, but I continue to pop gum in my mouth until I’ve unwrapped fifteen pieces. But wait there’s one more piece. I count the comics again and again. Maynard gave me an extra. I try to smile but there’s too much gum in my mouth. I now have enough comics to send in for the free baseball pennant.


Hope you’ve enjoyed my B post.  Please be sure to check out some of the other blogs involved in the challenge.


2 thoughts on “Bazooka Bubble Gum

  1. Stopping by from the A to Z. Almost couldn’t find the comments button. Like this post, my kids would’ve loved it too. They talk about Bazooka gum all the time even though they’re way too young to know anything about it.


  2. I like it! Is it fiction or based on real experience? I used to buy Bazooka Joe before, too, and collect the comic strips. I honestly still have them now, he he…

    BTW, fellow-A to Z participant here 🙂


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