Every human experience, every emotion, our deepest desires, our hopes, our fears can all be revealed in our dreams. Our hidden self that we try to keep from the outside world emerges from our subconscious. We see ourselves in the raw. We can be warned of potential danger or we can find answers to problems we are unable to see in our daily routines. Things that trouble us frequently crystallize in our dreams. Some dreams even predict the future.

Some people like to say they don’t dream, simply because they can’t remember their dreams. Dreams express our true selves, including desires we can’t even admit to ourselves, let alone to others. It’s the only way we have to express them. Dreams are loaded with emotion that can distort our memory, and therefore, unless you write it down when you first wake up, the chances are good that the dream will be forgotten.

When a dream recurs time and time again, there is something important about the weak and strong parts of our personality. The recurring dreams deals with an aspect of life that hasn’t been sorted out or laid to rest. Perhaps a problem that hasn’t been solved. Dreams are repeated because their message hasn’t been received or understood.

Day dreams are also good because we can control them. If something goes a way we don’t like, we just change it over to the way we want to see it. Dreams help us to focus on what we think we want when we need to escape from the realities of life. It’s a different land, a different world, a different place, a happy spot when there appears to be no happiness. Sometimes a dream is all a person has. Better to have a dream than to have nothing. Without dreams what do you have to work toward?

When we dream we free ourselves from the stress of everyday life. We express ourselves in a manner which we wouldn’t share in public. Pay attention to your dreams, and perhaps you will understand yourself more completely.

Dream On Baby!



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