I thought about writing a short story about a family of children who were all missing fingers. The reason was because it was their punishment for getting caught stealing. But they had to steal. It was the only way they could survive, and help the rest of the family survive. The punishment for not stealing was even worse. Some of the children had four digits while some had two. It all depended on how well they were at getting away with the five-finger discount.

Yeah, kind of morbid huh?  I found that the Islamic law says the whole hand is to be removed for stealing. So I changed my mind about writing that story.

Then I decided to fabricate an F-word for today’s F-Blog. Something like Fudruckers or Fallybuckets. But the words just didn’t seem to flow freely.

So I guess it’s another day to fume about a few favorite F-Words.


  • Fugly is what my mood has been lately.
  • Friendship is something I value.
  • Families are special.
  • Fabrication is part of my everyday existence; without it my writing efforts would be futile.
  • Frowning causes wrinkles.
  • Fireworks are fun, but can be dangerous.
  • Fuchsia would be my favorite color if there were no red.
  • Facades are something I usually can see right through.
  • Facetious is something people don’t find the humor in when I’m trying to be funny.
  • Fairytales are where I spend my time when I don’t want to face the future.
  • First time at anything doesn’t make me good, I have to practice.
  • Fan-followers would be really cool for me.
  • Fryeburg Fair is a place everyone should experience if they visit Maine.
  • Fuck is a naughty word, but fun to say.
  • Foolish people are frustrating.
  • Facebook and FanStory are F-topics I’ve blogged about before.
  • Fellowship is something I wish I had more of.
  • Funnel cakes were a favorite treat for my kids at bluegrass festivals.
  • Fernando is my female cat who thinks she’s a male puppy. (Probably because I tell her that.)
  • Fresca used to be my favorite soda.
  • Frankfurter rolls are unheard of in the south.
  • Flowers fill my flowerbeds.
  • Freedom is something we should never take for granted.


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7 thoughts on “FollyGoss

  1. Is it that the south isn’t familiar with the word frankfurter, using instead hotdog? I like a lot of your words, especially the one that’s fun to say. I use that word for emphasis…and I find I emphasize a hell of a lot! 🙂 Happy A-Zing…
    Michele at Angels Bark

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