Lollipops and Lollygags



Lollipops used to be the reward at the doctor’s office for children if they were good during their office visit. I remember as a little girl going into Dr. Buzzell’s office, it smelled of stringent antiseptic and iodine. I would sit up on the cold table while he stuck a wooden stick half-way down my throat and told me to say ‘aaah’. I didn’t want to say ‘aaah’ what I really wanted to do was to throw up.

I must have been bad because I don’t remember every getting a lollipop. However I do remember seeing them sitting on the counter in a glass jar. It reminded me of Oleson’s General Store on Little House on the Prairie. Nellie and her brother, Willie were so spoiled and always dipping into the candy jars. I was not a spoiled child, but would have loved to been able to dip into the candy jar.

I believe the practice of handing out lollipops at the doctor’s office changed not too long after I was a child. I have a feeling it was due to the rotting teeth of children. When I brought my children to the doctor’s office, years later, Dr. Brewster handed out stickers as a reward for being ‘good’ in the office.

Lollipops were also a special treat at the bank. Why? Because kids were a pain in the ass when it came to waiting in lines and cell phones and iPods were not invented yet. Giving them a lollipop kept them quiet while Mommy did her banking. My bank has a basket next to each window and you can help yourself if you go inside. They also hand them out at the drive through window along with dog biscuits for Fido.


Lollygag is to fool around or to dawdle spending time idly, fruitlessly or lackadaisical.

We used to have a blind dog named Bear. Bear loved to go for walks even though he couldn’t see. He was born without eyes, so his other senses were better than normal. He was so smart that he didn’t need a leash on most occasions. He would listen for our footsteps and know where to walk or when we stopped.

One day we started out for a walk and Bear decided he wanted to lollygag. I said, “Come on, Bear! Quit your lollygagging! I’ve got things to do when we get back from this walk!” Bear understood what I said, he really did. Do you know what happened right after I said that? I learned about lollygagging. 

I slipped on the gravel, and fell to the ground. I landed on my left knee, and a rock tore it open like a fillet-O-fish. It didn’t hurt at first, after I saw the blood and the bone then I thought I was dying. Sixteen internal stitches and ten external later and I was couch-bound. For two weeks I had the opportunity to understand what lollygagging was all about. That taught me to accept what is, and if it takes longer than I expect, so be it. Every moment is a gift and you never know when the lollipops might disappear from the bank counter.

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One thought on “Lollipops and Lollygags

  1. Nice one ! I don’t remember you getting hurt! Don’t remember Lollipops at the bank! Guess I didn’t have any money to go to the bank. LOL! Love you! hugs!!

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