Obstacles = Opportunities in Disguise


I found this great photo and realized it’s another article about obstacles being opportunities… click on it and read it.

Obstacles are something that impede the progress or achievement of a mission.

We are faced with obstacles every day. When you think about it, obstacles have interfered with some form of our advancement ever since we were born. There is the crib and then the playpen and perhaps the walker isn’t small enough to fit through certain doorways, and then maybe even a fenced in back yard acted as an obstacle.

Once we get older and are able to go to school there are different obstacles. Grades that don’t meet the standards delay advancement to the next grade. Certain curricula must be met prior to succession to a more preferred syllabus. There is no degree or decree without first overcoming certain obstacles.

Occupational obstacles are even more challenging. Depending on what type of position you hold there is age and discrimination obstacles, lack of skills and experience, bad work history or background references, personality conflicts with co-workers, etc. The list could go on and on.

Life is filled with obstacles. They a normal part of existence. The key to making the most out of the obstacles we run into is to look at them as an opportunity opposed to a problem. What can we do to work around this obstacle?

For example, today I ran into an obstacle finding the time to sit down at my computer and write this article. There were prior engagements that needed to be taken care of, and I did not allow myself enough time this morning. I wrote the article out by hand while waiting in the doctor’s office. Not my preferred method of blogging, but it worked. I also passed along the name of my novel, and where it could be found. It seems like every time I’m writing in a notebook in a waiting room someone asks me what I’m working on. When I tell them I’m a writer, they become very interested, and want to know all about it. I used the obstacle as an advantage.

Sometimes obstacles save you from going through something that could be worse. The other day we were traveling our normal route to the grocery store. We were detained for a long funeral procession. It must have been someone important because there were several firetrucks and a very long line of followers. After we waited for the traffic to pass, and were able to be on our way, we were less than two miles down the road when we came up on a very bad car accident. Had we not been held up by the funeral procession we may have been involved in that accident.

Obstacles are put in our path for a reason. Take the time to find out why they have been placed there and use that opportunity to the best of your ability.

What kind of obstacles have you been facing lately? Have you seen the opportunity they provide?  I’d love to hear about them.

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