Pens & Pencils

Pens & Pencils

This project or proposal that faces me,
Starts out on paper made from a tree.
Pen rolls ink, and pencil lays lead,
Words come together in chronological thread.
Ideas jotted at first in a mixed array or jumble,
Read out loud it sounds like a mumble.
Rearrange a word here, add a word there,
Pencil in an adjective chosen with care.
Creation comes together, and a short tale is told,
Perseverance, trial and error and sometimes being bold.
Grab a pencil and a pad, and let the lead flow,
Ideals will evolve of things you didn’t know.
A pen makes it permanent; written on paper is neat,
Portfolio of writings for reading later a real treat.
Pens and pencils and paper on pads,
Never will be just one of those fads.

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