Valuing the A-z blogging challenge let me share my vision for a select few V words.
Vagabond is a fancy word for a hobo.
Vacancy is when my mind is on vacation.
Valley Girl was my vocal chords in high school — like omigawd!
Vocational school was where the greasers went to school.
Video games consisted of PACMAN and Centipede.
Vger is only known by true trekkie fans. Also we have birds that sing it.

Vagina is what my husband said to write about.
Violence has gotten out of hand in our world
Vigilantes should be paid for their service.
Valet parking is for rich people.
Valedictorian used to be only the wicked smart people, but now that standards have dropped everyone can be one.
Village is where small houses that are built in trees can be found. Also gnomes live here.
Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones is still one of my favorite movies.

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