When I look in the mirror,
the person that I see
is someone I used to know,
staring back at me.

For each blemish,
mole, and every strand of gray hair,
has earned it’s own special place,
on my head in there.

I wonder if those wrinkles
on the face of me,
are what one considers,
as aging gracefully?

Stories I could share
would make a heart skip a beat.
But I always made it through,
landing on my feet.

Some will blame their parents,
for things they might have done,
For my faults I lay no blame,
I’m the only one.

Things that I’ve been through,
I admit I’m not too proud
Events caused much innocence
in my mind it did becloud.

I always give credit
where the credit is due
for those who helped influence
my life as I grew.

But all of the mistakes
are mine alone to own,
not in my parents face
will they ever be thrown.

Too many people now
are living in the lies
hiding behind the veil
or some other disguise.

Lives are not certain,
tomorrow not guaranteed,
we take the path we learn
whether or not agreed.

I’m still learning some hard lessons
as I’m growing old
much of that instruction
I don’t like to be told.

As I reflect on
the tests that I’ve been through
you may disagree,
but in my mind it’s all true,

Life is not easy
and we won’t get all we crave.
I won’t give into my wants
or let them me enslave.

No trials, tribulations,
nothing in defect,
there’d be nothing to live for
if we were all perfect.

I give all the glory
to the One and the Only.
Jesus Christ, my Savior
Who died on the Cross, for me.

Of course there is a much deeper story to the yellow dots than this poem, but this is part of my reflection on being a yellow dot and I am what I am because of Jesus Christ and Christ alone.  Hope you have enjoyed my Y blog and be sure to check out some of the other great bloggers taking part in the challenge.



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