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It was the Storm of the Century
when Delores Claiborne
played Gerald’s Game
while suffering Insomnia.
The Tommyknockers
grew Thinner at Four Past Midnight
in Desperation when The Regulators
showed up for the Night Shift.
Rose Madder and her sister,
Carrie looked through
The Eyes of the Dragon and while
traveling through The Wastelands
they met The Talisman who
told them of The Dark Half.
Cujo led the way through the Pet Semetary
where Christine was in Maximum Overdrive
having Nightmares & Dreamscapes.
Everything’s Eventual and Needful Things
will give you Misery unless you take The Stand
and work with The Skeleton Crew
while walking The Green Mile.
Lisey’s Story was a big Bag of Bones left at
The Dark Tower until The Drawing of the Three
would Danse Macabre when
they reconciled at Salem’s Lot.
The Gunslinger turned Different Seasons
into a Creepshow when he locked the Firestarter
in the Cell and Blaze took over the Dreamcatcher.
Then The Shining Children of the Corn were left
in The Dead Zone to die
by The Cycle of the Werewolf
with Hearts in Atlantis.


11 thoughts on “Trip

  1. Lifelong Stephen King fan – that was one of the coolest things I have read all day. Thanks for sharing your creativity!


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