Z=The End


Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah my oh my what a wonderful day.

I’m feeling sort of like a ZOMBIE because it’s the last day of the blog challenge and I’m coming up with ZILCH! Maybe I need to put some of that smelly herbal stuff in a ZIG-ZAG paper, roll it up, and smoke it to see if it ZAPS an idea into my head. Maybe ZEN’s tea would help. I tried taking a shower to see if being ZESTFULLY clean would ZING something into my mind, but I’m still coming up with a big fat ZERO. I thought about writing an essay on the ZODIAC and astrology or the ZODIAC Killer even. But, like biblical places such as Mt. ZION, and biblical characters such as ZECHARIAH, those essays will be in the ZILLIONS. Maybe even a few about ZIMBABWE. There’s always Grevy’s ZEBRA or a ZEBU, but, really, how interesting is a wild horse or an ox with a hump?

That’s going to put the do it to it for this blogging challenge. Do be sure to check out some of the other great Z bloggers. And tune in on Monday for a trip down Reflection Lane… a post about what the challenge meant to me.




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