Reflections on Expectations


The sponsors of the A-Z Blogging Challenge are looking for feedback about the challenge I just took part in for the month of April. What did I like, what did I dislike, what kind of suggestions might I make about the program? You know all that technical stuff that people ask you so they can take your answers and use them as if they came up with the idea themselves. (JUST KIDDING).

Seriously though, my thoughts on the challenge. I must say that I had big expectations about taking part in this challenge. Everything I read indicated it was a time for making new friends, getting new followers, creating a network, all that blah blah blah hoop-la that people tell you when they don’t really know if the project is going to work but it sounds good and they figure there’s gonna be some stupid suckers out there (ME) that fall for it and take part. The more people who take part, the better the sponsors look and the bigger the program gets. I mean the first year there were only 100 bloggers. This year (5 years later) there were well over 1500.

This was my first year taking part in the challenge. My expectations were high. I set myself up for disappointment. I thought there would be a lot more interaction than there was. I appreciate the fellow bloggers that took the time to comment on some of my posts. I found myself taking up a good part of my afternoons reading other bloggers posts, which most I enjoyed but did not take time to comment. That cut into my writing time so I cannot and will not fault fellow bloggers for not taking the time to comment on my posts. Their writing time is as valuable as mine.

There are a lot of good writers out there and some not so good. We all find ourselves in a different level and therefore our tastes in what we read or don’t read are also different. One thing I had a hard time with was trying to follow the bloggers either before or after my website on the list. My number changed so often I couldn’t keep up … so I just kind of randomly selected different blogs. A lot of them were so well written and I wanted to comment, but finding the comment button was sometimes a chore, so mostly I read and moved on.

The challenge all in all was a wonderful experience. I recommend anyone starting out blogging or who has been blogging for as long as the night is dark to take part in next year’s challenge. If anything, it is a discipline. And that is something every writer … EVERY WRITER … do you hear me? Every writer needs discipline. I’m thinking about upping my challenge next year and including a theme. What are your thoughts?

Be sure to check out what other people are saying about their experience here.

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4 thoughts on “Reflections on Expectations

  1. Totally agree about the interaction. I was disappointed too. This was my third challenge and I love it, especially for the personal challenge. I see it as an opportunity to introduce myself to new friends and/or readers. it is a little disheartening when you write a good post and get few or no comments. It’s even worse when you now how many page views you’ve had and compare that with the number of comments. However, I still like the concept of the challenge and I will return in 2016. My congrats to you on surviving your first A to Z.

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