Selling Sentiments

Tea Party

You can’t sell sentimental. Think about it. No matter how much something means to you, someone else cannot pay what you think it is worth, and more importantly even if they could, they won’t. Just because something has been in the family for 175 years and it’s been passed down through the generations year after year after year, doesn’t mean crap to the person buying it at the yard sale. If it means so much to you, put it back in safe keeping for another twenty years until you’re ready to let it go. Maybe you’ll die, one of your beneficiaries will inherit it, and will hold onto it for a few years and then go through the same dilemma I’m going through right now.

My good friend who is in the flea market business has been helping me with pricing of items. Lu tells me that people having yard sales hate to see the dealers coming. Why? I ask, but I already know the answer. People are selling sentiments. When a dealer comes to buy something they find as a deal at a yard sale, the chances are they might make a few extra bucks on the item. Why be mad at them? That’s what they are in the business for. To take things you don’t want off your hands. If it means that much to you, don’t sell it.

I’m pondering this over my Shirley Temple doll that I have had since I was ten and more importantly the tea set that my grandmother bought me when I was a baby. Shirley is pretty ragged, one of my dogs chewed her shoes off and ate part of her foot and her curls have seen better days. She might bring ten bucks at a yard sale. Is it worth it?

I’ve been keeping her around all these years thinking I might give her to a granddaughter. It’s not that I don’t think I might have a granddaughter someday. I just think the days of dolls and tea parties have gone by. Let bygones be bygones. Playing dolls and drinking fake tea out of little china cups does not have anything like the virtual internet world has to offer.

Just my pondering of the day. And I’ll probably end up putting them back in storage for another twenty years!


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