Same Day Delivery – but read the fine print


When Mother’s Day rolls around and you don’t live in the same town, let alone same state that your mother does, what do you do? Usually you send something so Mom gets it on or before the big day so she knows you are thinking about her. Which is exactly what my daughter did. She searched florists in Batesburg by God South Carolina to see who delivered to our area. She found Ava’s Flowers that offered same day delivery satisfaction guaranteed. So she called them up and the first question she asked them was “Do you deliver to Hicksville?” “We sure do,” the woman told her. Even their website indicates deliveries made to all areas of Lexington County.

Avas Flowers makes it easy to send your loved ones a spectacular arrangement for any occasion anywhere in Batesburg, South Carolina.   We are a family owned and operated professional florist offering flower delivery in Batesburg, SC.   When you order flowers for delivery in Batesburg rest assured that your arrangement  will arrive as fresh as possible, carefully packed into a beautiful gift box and looking wonderful.

Avas Flowers is proud to serve all of Lexington County and South Carolina.

Like any excited kid, my daughter waited and waited and waited for a phone call from me crying and jumping with joy, surprised when I received the flowers. They never came. She called and inquired on the delivery and she was informed that the driver was still making deliveries and it could be up to 7PM. Finally at 7:15 she called to inquire again. She was hung up on three times. When she talked to someone they informed her that they could make the delivery Saturday, but she knew we were not going to be home, so she told them that wouldn’t work. They could make the delivery on Sunday but that would cost her extra. Or she could wait and they would deliver them on Monday. Imagine her disappointment. She already had spent almost $100 for the flowers to arrive before Mother’s Day. After the fact would simply not do.

She told them she was disappointed to say the least and wanted to speak to a supervisor. After conversing with the supervisor she was informed that they did not do deliveries on that route anymore and they were very sorry for the miscommunication. Don’t you think that should have been determined when she gave them the address in the very beginning? Oh and then she said she wanted a refund and they informed her that they were sorry but they did not do refunds but they would be happy to give her an additional $25 credit that she could come use in the store. She informed them that was very nice however she lived in Maine and it would be a little far to travel to South Carolina to use a $25 credit.

With that being said, first I believe it’s false advertising when you put on your front page same day delivery, free delivery on certain bouquets, and then don’t deliver.

They will use the old stand-by of the fine print which is pretty clear that they don’t guarantee anything on certain holidays and Mother’s Day is included.

We cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date for busy floral holidays like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. To ensure the highest likelihood of delivery on one of these busy floral holidays, please place your order at least four days in advance. Orders placed within 4 days of Valentines Day and Mother’s Day DO NOT HAVE GUARANTEED DELIVERY DATES. Neither cancellations or refunds will be issued on orders placed during Valentines Day or Mothers Day holidays if the order was placed within 4 days of the holiday and the order was delivered within 4 days after the respective holiday.

Perhaps they should highlight their fine print underneath the SAME DAY DELIVERY and FREE DELIVERY to all of Lexington County advertisement. Call it what you will… I say it’s false advertisement.


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