The Joy of Having a Yard Sale



Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love.

We spent all of Memorial Weekend in the 95+ degree heat taking money from people who came to the yard sale because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We set up the clothes rack on Thursday night and Friday I worked all day setting up makeshift tables and bringing out things that I had priced. When Tall Cool smile emoticonne got home, he and a friend set up more tables and brought out some of the heavy stuff. I believe it was 5:30 PM when we had our first customer. A woman who said she was stopping because she wasn’t going to be able to get back over the weekend. (I saw her again on Monday.) We weren’t even technically open for business and she started dickering about the prices. I was in a really good mood, excited about the sale and thought the whole weekend was going to be a picnic, so I agreed to what she was offering. She left, (after she shared her life story) happy as a pig in shit. More people came and we never got back inside until after 9:30 that night.

Saturday morning was an early start with the first customer arriving before 7AM. I had advertised it as 8AM. I was told by my friend, Luanne that people who saw stuff on a lawn got a quivering feeling inside them, and they would have to stop whether you were open or not. She was right. We were right out straight all day long, and it didn’t stop until after 9:30 again that night. We were happy because we made a bundle of money and we met all kinds of cool people who were interesting to talk to .  Being dicked down didn’t seem so bad. Yes, I said dicked.

Sunday we started a little bit later, I think it was after 8AM before the first customer showed up. Probably church kept them at bay for a spell. But again, it was non-stop from about 11 AM on. Everyone was so surprised because “You don’t find yard sales open on Sunday… not in the Bible belt.” Mark my words, it’ll be a new trend we started. Sunday yard sales will be popping up all over South Carolina. It was another good day of making money, but it was also the day I got irritated. Not only was the dicking down part bad, but the kids and the droves of them were really bad.

Every single person wanted to JEW me down. Nobody wanted to pay the prices we had marked. Granted it was a yard sale, but the prices weren’t that bad. I started going around and jacking up some of the prices figuring that way I’d get what I wanted because no matter what was marked they were going to give me less. We had to let things go when we had the opportunity because “it ain’t all going in a truck!” I sold an 8 piece China set for $10 that the plates are selling on E-bay for 12.95/each plus shipping and handling. And I helped wrap them up for travelling. Those two guys got a hell of a deal!

It was family freaking kid day or so it seemed. Everyone had little kids. I’m not a kid person anyways, so when these snotty-nosed little brats started running around all over the lawn picking up stuff and throwing it back down, I got a little irritated. One man asked me if I had a bathroom for his little girl to use. What was I going to say? She was standing there, practically crying. So I brought her in and waited for the longest time (she had to go #2, not #1). When I came back out one of his other little girls had cut herself or got bit by a bug or something and was bleeding all over her leg. Blood and I do not mix. I got some cotton balls and antiseptic with a Band-Aid. I gave him the stuff with a comment about me not doing kids. That was when his wife stepped in and said she’d take care of it. Why the hell wasn’t she taking care of these little girls in the first place?

That was the night I put up caution tape, with Tall Cool smile emoticonne’s help. We added a closed sign and were actually able to get inside around 7:30 that night. We got to sleep in on Monday too. It was a pretty slow day for selling stuff, but we still made a few good sales.

It sounds bad because it’s hard to sell sentiments. I think it would have been a picnic if I was selling someone else’s heirlooms. People don’t care that your grandmother had this in her family for 75 years. Emotions are priceless. Keep that in mind if you decide to have a yard sale, or better yet, the next time you stop at a yard sale!


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