Win An Inn



March 19th was the day I finalized my draft for the Center Lovell Inn Essay contest. At that time it was the only thing I could think of. I had tunnel vision. I wanted to own and operate a Bed & Breakfast. I had no idea what owning and operating an Inn entailed, but I was willing to try.


My husband was in the process of getting his CDL. He used all of his vacation time from his current job to go to truck driving school. I didn’t think it was going to amount to anything. The only thing I was focused on was what I wanted.


Why? Why did I want to own and operate a country inn? Share your answer in 200 words or less. Here’s my entry:

Or not

Just a reminder that entering the contest gave Ms. Sage the copyright. She might choose to publish some or all of them in the future, so please do not publish your essays. Thank you.


Yesterday the Center Lovell Inn FB page shared the top 17 by entry number, town and state. I did not make the list. Today sometime before noon, Ms. Sage will call the lucky winner. Two months ago I couldn’t wait for this day to come.


I was so busy worrying about what my family wanted (us to move back to Maine). I was trying to figure out a way for us to live in Maine, be together, and earn a living. I lost sight of God’s word and what He taught me. “Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands…” 1 Peter 3:1


I certainly know this will not set well with a lot of people, believers and non-believers alike. Quite frankly it didn’t set real well with me at first. When my husband told me he was going to get his CDL and drive a truck over the road to provide for us, I stomped my feet in retaliation! I didn’t want him to go. I told him, “I didn’t sign up for this!”



We prayed a lot and continue to pray. God is amazing when you let go of what you think is best for you and follow His calling. Everything has changed so quickly in the past two months. Things I didn’t think possible are happening and as scary and unknown as it is, it’s also exciting.

I have no doubt Ms. Sage will call the rightful winner of the Center Lovell Inn today. I am thankful for the opportunity to have entered the contest. I honestly believe it is not what God has planned for us. He is taking us in a new direction. As long as we follow what He is leading us to do, and not our own fleshly desires, we have nothing to lose. We win!


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