Parking Lot Rage

walmart parking lot

The other day we were at Wally World picking up some groceries, and other things that we needed. It seems weird not spending over $100. No one gets out of Wally World for less than $100. We have really been trying to cut back seeing how we’ll be living out of a truck and there won’t be room for all the ‘stuff’ I typically like to have piled around me.

Anyways back to the topic at hand. We were leaving the parking lot and we heard a horn. Not just a beep-beep ‘get-out-of-the-way’ kind of horn, but a ‘I’m-pissed-laying-on-the-klaxon’ kind of horn. Lots of people were standing out in the parking lot watching, turning from loading their groceries into their own vehicles, to see what the commotion was. There was an old red pick-up truck following a mini-van, and the horn was just a-blowing. Somehow we ended up behind the pick-up. The lady driving the mini-van was very distraught and quickly pulled into a parking spot. The red pick-up pulled in right up against the driver’s door so if she wanted to get out, it wasn’t going to be through that side.

Tall Cool ☺ne was driving slowly but I still couldn’t hear what the man was saying. He was raising his fist and yelling something. Tall Cool ☺ne said the man was yelling about being at the post office and she needed to watch what she was doing. We were about to leave the parking lot, and I could see the truck was still blocking the lady in. I was nervous for her. I told Tall Cool ☺ne I hoped we wouldn’t see it on the news later that he hurt her. My awesome husband turned around, and drove back into the parking lot. As we were pulling up to the mini-van, the yelling man got into his pick-up and drove away.

The lady looked flustered, with good reason, and I wanted to get out to comfort her. But I didn’t want to make her any more nervous than she already was. We waited until we saw the red pick-up leave the parking lot and then we went on our way.

Tall Cool ☺ne said he would have gotten out and confronted the man had he still been giving the woman a hard time. It was heartbreaking to me because of all the people in the parking lot, not one person walked over to see what the commotion was about. It makes me sad that our world has become so paranoid or maybe so complacent with the things that happen, that they don’t find it necessary to ever step in and stand up. It’s scary, our world.


2 thoughts on “Parking Lot Rage

  1. It really is sad how we’ve become as a society. I’ve seen people get assaulted and no one try to help. No one wants to get involved anymore. And I agree about the $100 thing and Wally World… hardly ever make it out for less! Have a great weekend!

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