Confederate Pride



Politics and religion will divide people every time. I don’t care how good of friends you are, it will separate you. You either don’t talk about it with each other, or you argue about it, get mad, tell each other to ‘fuck off’ and then don’t speak to each other for the rest of your lives, four weeks, or the next morning. I’ve experienced all realms of this. I’m okay with it whichever way it goes. People who matter to each other agree to disagree, and the ones that can’t come to that agreement, don’t matter.

People tell me all the time to stop putting my views out in public. My views are my views and it really doesn’t matter what the public thinks. “But you’ll lose friends,” or “People aren’t going to like you,” and let’s not forget, “You have to be careful out there.” Yes, I put my perspective views and opinions out in public for everyone to read. People don’t understand that whether they agree with my views or not is not the point. God knows YOUR heart. He knows my heart. Yes, my views might be peppered with racist remarks or just plain ignorance. But my views give people something to think about. I don’t expect everyone to applaud all that I write. Pffffft that would be a waste of my time.

Oh, it’s great when I vent or write about something that someone agrees with me on. But it’s more fun to say one little thing off-color so shit hits the fan. Speaking off-color I made a comment about black being black and gay being gay and that Satan was attacking America. People cannot change their skin color anymore than they can change the condition of their heart. That’s how that comment was meant, no more no less. I can’t help that people see it differently. Was it racist? Maybe. I didn’t mean it to be. I considered taking the post down. But I know what I meant. God knows what I meant. If people see it differently, that’s between them and God, not them and me.

Social media has been crazy these past few days. The confederate flag comes down and the gay pride banner goes up. Both sides taking a stand and speaking their mind. It’s America, what we have the right to do. Don’t get angry because someone disagrees with you. That’s why we choose to live in America. If you want to be told what you can have for opinions or what you cannot say publicly go live in a third world country.


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